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How to use Equipment and Space

We accept the use of equipment from outside the Tokyo Institute of Technology.


Here is a list of the equipment we own. Please contact us individually for more information on usage fees and conditions.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse your request depending on the content and purpose of the analysis and the state of use. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


The flow of use is as follows.

①Inquiry for use

Please inquire about the equipment you wish to use, fees, and conditions of use.

Click here to contact us.

②Acquisition of status

In the case of self-use, in principle, it is necessary to obtain the status of a "contract researcher" or the like.

Click here to learn more about the researcher acceptance system.

※We will inform you of your supervisor. You are required to pay the research fee.

③User registration

We will send you the necessary documents, so please fill in the details of the equipment to be used, the time of year, etc.

We will contact you to confirm your registration and you will be registered.

④Take the course and start using

You will be able to use equipment after attending training courses on how to use them. You may be asked to submit reports on the use of some of the equipment.

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※Our office is located in building B2, 321 room.


⑤Payment of usage fees

Billing documents will be issued to the billing agent. Please pay by bank transfer by the specified date. We do not accept cash payments.

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